Monday, November 26, 2012

Presenting Hidden Object game

  • The Big Idea: Describe your learning topic for the game. What is the most important thing you want your players to learn?
My learning topic is science and it is about dinosaurs,i want the players to know there carnivorousness dinosaurs.
  • Research: What kind of research did you do? What did you learn about your topic?
I did some dinosaur research,i learned about different kinds of dinosaurs and what time period they lived on.
  • Making Decisions: How did your ideas change as you worked on your game?
It changed a lot i had this one idea and it completely changed trough out the research then when i was working on it, it changed again.
  • Mastering Programming: What Game Ingredients and Help Center resources have been most useful to you so far, and why?
Of course the codes helped me a lot i used mostly all the game ingredients(add game ingredients). It helped me because it gave me the codes to the game ingredients i wanted to use.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Which part of making the game was most difficult for you? How did you overcome this difficulty? What features are you most proud of in your game?
The most difficult thing when i was working on my game has to be the programming i had to look over the code look at the instance name and ask for some help.The features that I'm most proud of is my dinosaurs i free hand drew that i think they are beautiful.
Part 2
Name of the game: English Language Games
What were you looking for? Objects that don't belong in the classroom
Was the game fun to play? Explain why. No,not really i was just clicking around the game.
How does the designer reward you and keep you playing? To look for stuff that you haven't clicked on
What does this game teach you?Things that are not spouse to be in the class room.
How does it use hidden objects to teach you?Making the things to disappear and make it seam like if the classroom did have noting bad
What age group would find this educational?8-10 yrs.
What would you add to this game if you had a chance to work on it? A box that it tells you what you need to look for

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Add Game Ingredients

Adding game ingredients was kinda easy,but the hard thing was like if something would of worked it was annoying. One problem that i had was the win and lose page it would work for something and i couldn't figured it out in till like one week later so yeah that was a problem.Another problem was withe the background music it was like not working out so i had to fix that and i figured out why it wouldn't stop making the noise because i had the settings on loop(i figured that on today 11/14/12).But oter wise it was really easy.