Thursday, December 1, 2011

About My Topic !

1. My topic is about the endangered animal (The Giant Panda ).

2. This issue interests me because i really love Pandas and also it might change the future bad or good.

3. I want people to learn about Giant Panda because they are going instinct and people might not notice and if they do go instinct it might change the future.

4. This issue needs to be addressed because it could change the future and also change people to if they care about them.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Who are you designing your game for? (Include the player's age, abilities, and prior knowledge of your topic.)

I am making this game for Elementary and middle school kids .
What will your game teach the player about your topic? (Be specific!)

It would teach the player how are the giant panda is going endangered and some examples .

Where does your game happen?

In the forest were the giant panda lives .

Describe the world you will design for your game.

The design for my game is going to be in a forest

How will this setting add to the learning experience? 

It is going to be a scrolling background and that is going to be a new thing i am going to learn and a new experiences .

How does your game world teach the player about your topic?

it would teach them when an animal is going extinct that would make a change in the future.

What happens in the world that helps the player learn?

Try to survive and not get caught by the barrier and maybe have an idea  how they are dyeing .

How does the player use what they learned to make something happen in the game?

They get to jump and move through out the game .

Why is a game a better way of understanding your topic than a quiz?

It is going to be fun and i also think that when you are learning something in a fun way it helps you remember it much better and faster.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How To Properly Cite A Website

This is how you cite a website properly......

A cite with out an Author listed:
WWF it is about Giant Pandas. Retrieved November8,2011 from

A cite with an Author listed :
Johnson, J. WASP Women Pilots of Women's History. Retrieved November 8, 2011 from

Monday, November 7, 2011

Choosing A Topic :Possible Research Topics


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

March Of The Penguins

Some challenges that penguins need to over come is hunger when the mom goes and get some food for the baby, the babies getting frozen , the dads abandoning there baby to go get food , and there baby getting took away from another mother because there baby died.
There habitat challenges their livelihood because when they are taking care of there baby they might freeze or if it gets hot the ice could melt and they could all die also if it gets to cold they could freeze to death.Some things that penguins need to adapt to is the coldness also to huddle together to be warm.There is a period of time were there is no sunlight because the way the axis is tilt , it also effects the climate because it get colder. Climate change negatively impact the mating of the penguins because they cant take care of the egg in the water also the female needs to go get some food , also if the ice starts melting then the would have trouble mating and the population of the penguins will decrease.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playing to learn, genre: sports and racing

1. The Game that taught me a new skill or subject:

2. The Game that taught me information about a new or existing social issue:

3. The game or games that I liked the best:

4. What happens in the game or games:

5. How you play the game or games:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Playing to Learn, Genre:puzzle and maze

1. The Game that taught me a new skill or subject:
Elemental Elegance

2. The Game that taught me information about a new or existing social issue: none

3. The game or games I liked the best: Was magic pen

4. What happens in the game or games: You need to try to get the red flacks by making your own shapes to get to it

5. How you play the game or games: you need your mouse and you press down on it and draw the shape you wanna draw. 

Playing to learn Genre: Strategy

1. The Game that taught me a new skill or subject: Aitiy: the cost of life

2. The Game that taught me information about a new or existing social issue: Aitiy: the cost of life

3. The game or games I liked the best: Climate Challenge

4. What happens in the game or games: you need to make the climate change

5. How you play the game or games: you click on some of the houses and then some cards show up and then you click on them if you want them

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Playing to Learn, Genre:Adventure

1. The game or games that taught me a new educational skill or gave information on a subject: yes there was a lot of games that taught me things.

2. The game or games that taught me about a new or existing social issue: Sally's Energy Ride, The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog, Save the Animals,Synchronized saviors.

3. The game or games I liked best:


4. What happens in the game or games: you need to find stuff to go to the vampire house and defeat the vampire and on the way you need to defeat some monsters.

5. How you play the game or games: you click on the action strip and it plays like a movie after that it tell you what to do and you do it and that's how you pass it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Playing to Learn, Genre:Action

1. Game that taught me a new educational skill or gave information on a subject:
Tempest at Crecent City would not load also Sigma Prime .

2. Game that taught me about a new or existing social issue:

3. Game I liked best: The game that i liked the most is Trapcat.

4. What happens in the game:
What happens in the game is that you only click on the cats or the dogs and after all the level it gives you information and the points.

5. How you play the game: You click on continue after the instructions and you click on the cats and dogs if they appear.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gamers Solve Scientific Problems

How did gamers use the computer gameFoldit to solve the protein folding mystery? It could be used to find a cure to AIDS virus in humans.

Who can participate in this problem solving and be a player in Foldit? Gamers that have no background in biochemistry to solve puzzels.

What can critical thinking do for science? Critical thinking is good because it can participate on the solution.

If you could solve a mystery through gaming for any kind of disease or illness in the world, what would it be? It will be cancer because little babies get it and they die and it is sad like they die when they are small they dont get to explor the wrold.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mini Game

I made a mini game that is about a rabbit trying to get away from a wolf and trying to catch a carrot. I think it was kind of hard to make the mini game because it was my first time making a mini game, but it was easy at the same time because you just needed to copy and paste the code. The best part of making a mini game is when you are finish  because it could all sort of stuff  like collision detection and how many carrots you got like score keeping. The worst part was when you missed something in the actions and it did not work you needed to fix it and figure out what did you do wrong and it got me really frustrated.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Nine Eleven

1. How old were you on September 11, 2001?
 I was 2 years old 

2. When did you first learn about the attacks and who explained the events to you?
When i heard about it is when i went to Bluck Buster to rent some movies and my sister found 9/11 the movie and i said what was that movie about and she told me. I was terrified what had happened but i think i was 5 when i heard about it.

3. What kind of impact did these attacks have on your life or your parents lives?
 There is more security and more protection like in airports you need to take off your shoes and take less stuff with you in the plane. 

1. What was the issue with this game?
The issue is 9/11 is when the airplane crashed to the twin tower.

2. How do you feel about it?
I felt really sad and terrified.

3. What is the problem with portraying on such an awful violent event through a video game?
It makes people feel powerless

4. How can you make sure that your web games tell the whole story or teach a lesson in an honorable way?
Tell them or show them and tell them about it and honor the person too.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 Single Story 2011

Chimamanda Adichie
she was an early writer and reader she  started to write about what she recognized.She only  read books that only had white people in it. She had American roommate that thought that she couldn't do stuff that Americans can do like speak English and use a stove. She also was offended by her roommate that she tough that Africa was a country because she tough that she meant that they were not important. She wrote a book a publisher did not accept her writing because she was not telling the real story.She went to Mexico ,she thought that  they always get arrested that they only wanna live over the government and when she went over there she felt bad because she felt she was acting like her American roommate. (notes)

  1. What does it mean to have a 'single story' about a place or community?is when you you think about something like you make a tough about that place
  2. Describe a single story you have heard told about your community. What is missing from that story? How could people learn more about that community? They say that my community is only African Americans only live their they re missing that all recces live their Mexicans and whites live their to they could learn about it by visiting there some day. 
  3. Describe a single story you have heard about another community. How did you learn that story? How could you find out more about that community? i heard that the south side only has white people because that is the rich side i could do some research about it or visit it some day.
  4. How could a game let players experience many stories about a place or community? Like try to tell the players that it is not right to be telling people that the east side is the dirtiest place in Austin if you have not been there .

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1 Cyberbulling 2011

This is my first blog post of the 2011-2012 school year.

What is a cyberbully ?

A cyberbully is a person that bullies through the Internet like a cell phone a computer and other gadgets that you can access the Internet

What are different types of cyberbullying ?
 Different types of cyberbullying is when you use a cell phone,a computer or a gadget that can access the Internet

What should you do if you are being cyberbullied ?

If you are being cyberbullied you should report the message and then you tell an adult or you can delete your account.

We watched a movie called Cyberbully and it was about a girl  name Taylor and her two best friends  they had a Clickster account. Taylor in her birthday got a laptop for her birthday and that same day she made  a Clickster account. Then this girl named Lindsey sended her a mean comment about her picture, then theirs boy named James sended her a friend request and Taylor tought he was cute guy so she accepted the friend request.Then when her friends left he asked it her some questions and she awnser them then she gave him her personal information and he told everybody saying that she gave him a STD and all that other stuff. Then everybody in school was calling her mean names for a while. Then one of her friends didn't wanted to be her friends,then Taylor got sad and she got sick and tired of it and she was trying to kill her self . Then she got some help and her friend her last friend did the account and she told Taylor and she got mad .Then after some months she went to school and Lindsey was calling her mean things and she told her to stop and everybody was talking about it then the boy she lied ate lunch whit her.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Percy Jackson

Today we finished watching the Lightning Thief and the Olympians. It was a really good movie. It was about this boy name Percy Jackson he was a Half Blood that means that there were half blood and half human. He was the son of Poseidon the god of water. He went to the underworld to go save his mother he took Annabeth and Grover. Grover was his protector and Annabeth was a girl that was helping him. At the end they took the lightnin bolt to Suze and Percy met his Father.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Awesome Friends and people i hate

My awesome friends are Andrea L.,Joyce, and some other people. There are like so awesome there are the awesome people in the whole wide world i know of .I could go on and on and on of my best friends but i am not. Lets talk about the people that i hate i hate them so much i just want to kill them and i have a long list.
List of people i hate:
Damian E. (He is so annoying)
Daniel L.(He is so quiet and annoying)
James H.(He gets in my last nerves)
Raul R.(He is annoying and he stinks like ....)
Calvin H.(So ANNOYING he gets in my last nerves)
DeAndre M.( I hate him but i don't know why )
Adam O.(He is a tater teller)
Jack D.(He is so annoying)
Leo H.(He is so annoying and ugly)
Leo M.(He is so annoying )
That's all i want to talk about .
Bye bye losers

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Lightning Theif (chapter 1)

Yesterday we read a book called ''The Lightning Thief. " We only read the 1st chapter it was about this boy called Percy Jackson he was talking about his daily bases. That this girl named Nancy trough a peanut butter and ketchup sandwich at this boy back.That's all we read that day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best Field Trip

My best field trip was going to Sea World we stayed over night over there we slept with the penguins.We saw the birds, seals , the sharks and a lot of more cool stuff. When we got there we took a group picture the we went to the dolphins and i touch a dolphin they are so slimy. After that we ate then we went to the restroom to go change to our pijamas and then went to go to sleep. Then the next morning we went to go eat our breakfeast we ate muffins and something else.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dont Give Up

Me My Self and I

Barbie Reyes is so AWESOME !!!!!!!
Barbie likes the color purple
Barbie likes hearts
Barbie loves her Haters
Barbie likes Barbie
Barbie loves her best Friends
Barbie LOVES her MOM
Barbie LOVES her BUNKEY MONKEY (as a friend)
Barbie is like so CRAZY
Barbie likes to be CRAZY
Barbie likes STARS


Monday, May 16, 2011

Your Game Is Finished!

Now that your game is finished (or almost finished) please reflect on what you have learned in Globaloria this year.
I learnd how to make a life how to make points and also how to make a button and how to make the berriors move it was reaaly hard. I am so happy that i was anominated in the Globy Awards like we are so awesome me and my partner Monica worked so hard to find how to make the points we took weeks to find out. THANKS MS.VALDEZ YOU ARE SO AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Service Learning Trip

This service learning Trip was boring because we needed to pick up other peoples trash. Also because  i woke up early in the morning just to pick somebodys mess. They also need to stop being lazy and pick up there trash we are not there momma .

Monday, May 2, 2011

My colors

Since we can talk/blog about any thing I am going to talk about my favorite color and my favorite color are PINK,BLACK and PURPLE. I don't now why i like them,I like pink because its Barbie  favorite color and my name is Barbie so maybe that is why. I like black because its an awesome color because I'm awesome. I like purpule because it is the last color of the rainbow. Those are my top three colors and so what !!!!!! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stand and Deliver

Today we finished watching a movie called stand and deliver and it is about this school called Garfield High School was doing really bad and this teacher came and taught them calculus. They took a test and they taught they all cheated and so they all wanted to take the test again and Jamie Escalante they teacher was saying that they did not cheat and he proved that they did not cheat and they all passed.
This movie means to me that always try your best don't let nobody tell you what you cant do and you need to prove them wrong. The movie is based on a true story. He made learning fun to them and maybe thats why they passed the test.

This is the teacher

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Big Test

TAKS testing is next week! How do you feel about the TAKS test? Are you excited? Are you nervous? Are you going to do something special when TAKS is over? I feel nervous about the TAKS test and also feel confident because i now that i am smart and i am going to pass it . I am not exited because it is a really STUPID test because some kids don't even pass it and what is the point of it. No i am not going to do something spacial  because it is just a test .

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

iPads for kids

What is your opinion of students using technology like the iPad in their classroom? What are some advantages of this type of technology? What are some of the disadvantages?                            
My opinion of the students in Stonewall Elementry is that if they are really learning something they shoould keeping them or scince the ipads came to there school improved and the students improved there grades the should keep using them. Some advantages  are that they are learning something a disadvantage is they mite get on something unappropiate or one of the kids mite brake one or a new student comes they are not going to have one.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Game Demo Progress

I have finished the instructions and the good luck page this week i have already upload it to our teams page. Yes i learned something new about flash i learned how the player can type there name.I hope i will learn something new today.I am proud of my self about what i have accomplished this week we are almost finished drawing our game maybe next week i don't now.No I have not made any accomplishment in GLOBALORIA this week. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Answer the following questions about your game in complete sentences

  • Our game title is Don't Give Up.
  • The names that created the game is Monica and Barbie.
  • The game is design for Elementary kids between 3-5th grade and Middle scholars.
  • The players will see bad things moving and there little players moving [they can control there self.] The goal is to pass each level and to learn why you should not drop out.
  • To not drop out of school.
  • It will make the game fun because it is really challenging and its has really cool graphics.
  • Our game teches to not drop out of school and you can learn from it what your life mite be if you drop out of school.
  • They are like cartoons and they are bright colors.
  • it makes it uniqe because  it has diffrent drawings.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Playing Games to Get Ideas

1.Does the game have a way to keep the score? Does it have a timer? Are there some intresting sound effects or other effects? Are there platforms that and scrolling background?
Yes there is a way to keep score in all the games I played,In rotate and roll there is no timer also in Ballon tower Defence 3 there is no timer,in primate pile up there is a timing at the end, in boombot there is no timer in Gluey there is no timer,in parking mania there is a timer.
2.How did the game developers do it?
In primate pile up you need to drag and drop.
In rotate and roll you use the arrows in the keyboard.
In ballon tower defence 3 you use the mouse and to click on the items to pop the ballons.
In boombot you need to

Friday, April 8, 2011

Game Progress Reflection

Did you learn how to do something in flash?
Yes, i did i learnd how to do a botton i thought it was heard and it is really easy.
Did you create a really cool drawing?
Not really because i was not really drawing i was like instructions and stuf like that.
Where you able to help someone else out onntheir game?
No because i had a bunch  to do help.
What was your biggest challenge you haved faced while working on your game this week?
the challeged was making the buttons
How do you feel about  what have you done?
I feel really good
Are proud of what you have acomplished or frusteraded because of something you have not figured out yet?
 Fusteraeded because i really dont now alot and i look at the touturials and it still dosent work

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Visit From the President

Dear President Obama,
I have heard about the visit about the school in Massachusetts,we have class called GLOBALORIA. Its a class that you use technology its a really cool class,right now we are doing our own game. We are doing a game but everybody has there own team and each team decided what there game is going to be about me and my teammate Monica our game is to prevent people to drop out of school.I think you should go to our school which is East College Prep Academy.We are really intelligent at this school we are respectful and we only have 6th and 7th grade . I hope you come top our school.
                                                             Barbie Reyes

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blooging about Blogging

I would say please let us have blogger it will help us by getting better at grammar.It is good for young students cause it lets them improve their typing skills and etc.Another reson its good for students because it helpes them get familiar with technology .Some disadvantages they could put inappropriate stuff or what they did at home etc. Another disadvantage is that they mite get on it at home and thre parents did not whant them to have one.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Blind Side

The last 2 days we saw a movie called ''The Blind Side." It was a really good movie in some parts it was sad. It was about a boy named Micheal he got seperated by his mom when he was 7 yrs. old.He was really poor then Leigh Ann Tuohy saw him walking in a cold night and he picked him up and he turnd riched.After that he started to live there and he got inside the school the guy that he was living with him at first.Leigh Ann went to go find his mom and she did,the next day he took him shooping .Later he started to play football. Then he went to the college that the Touhy family went to ''Old Miss." Then he went to the NFL and plays for the Ravens.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cool Math

Yesterday I played on cool math and i played b-cubed.B-cubed is a game about a cube that you need to step on all the gray squares and to go to the red square.If you go down or lose you will start the level agin and agin to you do all the squares and touch the red one.The instructions are:
Slide the cube using the arrows on your keyboard.  Your goal is to pass over every single square on your way to the final square.
Those are the rules to B-Cubed and a picture too.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What ever it takes

Today we saw a movie called ''What ever it takes"it was a really good movie. It is about a girl name Sharifea she went to Bronx center for science & mathamatics she was not really good at her classes she had 55 in all her classes.She also got accepted to Dartmouth program.She graduated from Dartmouth program (1st semester).She got better at all her classes now she could take the Regeints test.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Monday we started on a movie called ''THE WIZARD" and yesterday we finished the movie it was a great movie.The movie was about these two boys called Jimmy and Cory they were going to California by there self and also walking.Then their parents were looking for theme so there hierd a guy to look for them.After a while they met a girl name Haily and then they became friends .They got money by Jimmy playing with others in  others they bet and jimmy will always win and they got money then Haily took a ride from a trucker and they stoled there money it was $81.So they were going to a game gompotision to get $50000. The man that was looking for them and he was like tracking him down.Cory's dad was looking for them too.The man got Jimmy and the girls friend punched him and he gave the man a black eye,so they got Jimmy .They finaly got to thre compitition and Jimmy went to the finals and ge won. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Break!

I have intresting plans for the spring break i am going swimming with Natalie O. and to her  house. In friday i am going to my uncles house and we are going to watch a movie and we are going to go to a park.Also we are going to go Sea Wrold and it is going to be fun.We also are going to go to mexico to go see my ant and i am going to buy alot of mexican cand and mangos.Then we are going to go back home and i am going to get ready to school. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Pepole Are Being Not Smart

People are acting retarded because we did not go out side that is ridicules. Other people just want to go inside and do what we sopposed to do like every other day. But other people are begging and Ms.Valdez already tld them that begging is not going to do anything and they even got on there knees and they looked so retarded, and they also said i will buy you a hamburger and a milk shake and every body started to laughing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I think where i see myself in 5 years is in High School preparing to go to college. In 10 years i see myself in college working and studding hard.Druing does years i will start looking for a job and a house. In 15 years i see my self in my own house with a a dog and working as a marine biologist.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Paper Prototype Reflection

How has making a paper prototype helped you plan your game? It helped me now how the game is going to work out and how we can improve on it like add more details and characters to it . Also if we need to change certain stuff like in level two or three to take out some desk or add more desk. If we need to add more levels or do more things like more things in the menue.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Today in the beginning of class we did a servey for the year book and it was awesome!
: 1 : P  : )  : (  X D

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Malcolm X #2

Yesterday we finished the movie Malcolm X and it was about  a men who had more  power then Elijah Muhammad and they were Muslims. Elijah  Muhammad  was leading the people the wrong way because when Malcolm X went to Arabia to the birthplace of Muhaca and he saw different color of Muslims like black,withe, and etc. Then he went back and gave a speech that when he went to Arabia he saw different color Muslims and he said that everybody shared the same plate and cup and they will call each other  brothers. Then he said that Muslims were not only for black people . Then he went back Io his house and they set his house in fire.  The he needed to do another speech and he new he as going to die because in the last speech somebody said get your hands out of  my pocket. Then he went out to give his speech and couple of min. later the same guy said get your hands out of my pocket and some other guys shot him and he died.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


1. Describe your team's game topic and talk about the most important concept you want your players to learn. 
To not drop out of High school 
2. How did the ideas you discussed in "Imagining Your Game" come together to help your team decide on a game topic?
We disscuesed our game and our game topic by writting it down and finding out does it make scencs.
3. Tell us more about your team by saying who has what role, and how you work together.
We both drew the picturres for our  our paper prototype game.
4. What kind of research did you do to find information to express the game topic? Examples: books, films, web searches....etc.
We reaserched in the web among drop outs like articles and videos on youtube.
5. Explain the game play. What does the player have to do?
You need to jump over berriors and they are drugs and other things that cause people to drop out and you need to do that in every level but it gets harder each level.
6. Has this changed since you first started planning your game? How?

Yes because we restareted agin.

More Thought on Globaloria

How has your opinion of computers,technology, and video games changed since the biginning of the school year?
It changed because at 1st i did not now much about computers like i now how to do exeal, power point, word ,and more things like that and of course how to get in the enternet. Also i now more about technology. About videogames i am making one now and i think it is really coll that i am making my own video game.Like i now how the people  made a video game, i now the steps. Its kind of complecated to me,but i think that this is a really cool class. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Globaloria Reflection

1. One thing I have learned in Globaloria is how to blog and how to do flash.

2.May favorite thing about Globaloria class is that we get to play games that are related what are we learning.

3.I think being in Globaloria now will help me in the future because I learned how to type better and we now how to do different things and that mite be handy for the future 

Thursday, February 17, 2011


These are some ways to provent to drop out of high school



  • Tell your parents that you are thinking to dropout and tell them why.
  • Talk to a councilor
  • Imagine what will happened if you drop out of school
  • Try to do after school programs
  • Change your classes that you think are boring if you have to unless if they are your core classes

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Learning Goal

The learning goal for my game is about why kids dropout. And we are focusing in high scholars. And i want the persons that are going to play to learn that you should not drop out . Because i want them to understand that if you drop out of school you are gonna have troubles finding a job. And most chances that you are gonna regret that you not drop out of school.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mad Hot Ballroom

I think the main message is to fallow the key to success witch is that to find something you like and to and try to do your best . And i think that the indigo won because they fallowed  the key to succesce. And i also think tyhat the other team that onne last year were preacurd this year.I also think the indigo won because they tried so hard  and the

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mad Hot Ballroom

I think that movie was a really good movie it was really cool. I think that the dances that were learning are easy except the swing that dance looks hard. I also learned that Meringue is from Republic Dominican. Also that the swing is from the United States. And also that it mite be hard for their teachers to pick some kids to be in a compotion.

Malcom x

I think that movie was a really good movie, it was really interesting. I think it was sad when the KKK tied up that man in a rail road tracks and his head got rand over. I did not like the part when the cohesion ladies told on them i think that was mest up. I liked the part when that man was trying to help him and try to be  nice to him. I did not like the part when the police men was beaten him up.

oregon trail #2

1. What did you learn from playing Oregon Trail? That in does time going to Oregon was rough.
2. What did you like most about the game? When you could put something in the tombstone like R.I.P or something like that.
3. What did you like the least about the game? That you could not control the wagon.
4. What are some ideas from the game that you could add to your own game? Please think of at least two. Add more movement to our game. And also to put more activities.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Oregon trail #1

1.Who do you think this game was made for?
kids that are in 4th grade
2. What does the player see and do? the players see the wagon moving and the players get to choose what they want to do like if they wanna look around they type yes or no
3. What are the rules and how do you win? the rules are for hunting is that the enter button is to move the little guy around/walk  you shut with the space bar and you can only carry 100 pounds of food and you win when the little music comes on .  

4. What is the goal of the game? to go to Oregon
5. What will the player learn by playing this game? how in the old days they had to travel and it was really hard for them to travel safely
6. What makes this game fun for the player? they get to choose what to do
7. What kind of graphic/animation are in the game? wagon,oxen and different land marks
8. What kind of sounds are in the game? like this tingling music
9. What makes this game special and unique? you are learning social studies and it is unique  because it has different things to choose from
10. Why will it sell? because parents or teachers mite think it is a better way to learn then using a test book

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The book that I finish reading!

The book that i finish reading was THE TAIL OF EMILY WINDSNAP. I think it was a really good book.You should read that book it is a really good book.if you like to read about  mermaids this will be the perfect book.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My dreams for the future

My dream for my future is that i wanna be a
MARINE BIOLOGIST because i like to work with animals that live under the water. For example:  Sea Turtles,fishes,and also Jellyfish. But i will live in Port Aransas because there is a sea or ocean or beach over dare and i think that is a good place for me to go to work.An other  reason i wanna be a marine biologist because you get good money working as a marine biologist and i need that money because i need to pay my montage for my house and my car and i also need that money because i need to my my wants and needs. I also wanna be a marine biologist because i think it will be a good job for me because i think i could handel different sea animals .

Friday, January 28, 2011


What are some of your thoughts about working in a team?
I think working in teams is a good idea because you get to learn more things/experience from your friends.
What are some advantages of working in a team?
Some advantages of working in a team is that you get to learn new things and also have fun at the same time
What are some disadvantages ?
Some times you get of task when you are working in groups for example somebody just said did you see that movie last night about that man . Yeah man,that movie was scary.That is one disadvantages. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The story of Amanda

It was a really sunny day Amanda was getting ready to go to the nearest track next to her house.She has her towel her water bottle and her sweat band on her head. At first she saw the track and said here I go she said and she started to run she ran for 30 sec. and she got so tired she was even sweating .Then she said,''I cant do it anymore and she went home."
 The next day she got ready to school and said,''Today i am going to the track and that is final." After school she did her homework and got ready to run the track again  this time she ran for 1 min.This time she cheered proudly and said i ran for 1 min. She got home and her mom was cooking dinner and said here goes your chicken and it was filled with grease she said no thank you i radder have salad her mom said''What?You want salad." ''Yes mom i do i am in a diet. "
Then she heard that there was gonna be a race and she thougth to her self .
Next she ran the whole track and it was time for the race and she won the race.

Who ,Where,What ,Want,Why,How?

Who - The character you just created.
Where - Where does the action take place?

In her school
When - When does the action take place?

What - What is the problem the character is facing? (bullying, environmental, - this is where your topic goes)

She is obease and her dad died from a heart attack
Why - Why is this issue important to your character?

Because she has no friends because she is obease
How - How is your character going to overcome this problem?

She is going to try to lose weight by running a track

Character Sketch

1. What is the name of your character?
2.What is the age of  your  character?
12 years                                                                                                                                                   
3. Does your character have any pets? If so, what kind and how many?
Yes, she has a dog a fish and a rabit                                                                                      
4. Does your character have any brothers or sisters?
Yes,she has one brother and 2 sisters                                                                                             
5. What does your character look like?                                                                                                
She is chunky with braces and short hair.                                                                                          
6. What hobbies does your character have?
She likes to draw in her sketchbook                                                                                                  
7. What other interests does your character have?
She likes to sing                                                                                                       
8. What does your character like to do the most?
She likes to draw her dog                                                                                                        
9. What is your character’s least favorite thing to do?
She dosent like to dance                                                                                                          
10. What are your character’s beliefs?
She belives that GOD is her savior                                                                                                      
11. Is your character outgoing or shy?
Amanda is really shy
12. Do other people enjoy being around your character?
No, because she is really chunky                                                                                                 

13. What does your character like to do in his/her free time?
She likes do draw withe ocean sounds CD                                                                                           
14. Does your character like to read short stories or books? If yes, what kind of short stories or booksdoes your character like to read?
Amanda  does like to read                                                         
15. Does your character like to write short stories or books?
Yes she does like to write short stories                                                                                    
16. Is there any other information about your character that you need to know?   No

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Based on the comments from the other teams and also there based on their games i think we should make more levels.also i think we should make the pictures more clear like make it seam that it looks like the food  you are try to make or write the name next to the image.Make more vegetables. Also don't fill the whole line of leave some space

Monday, January 24, 2011


Last class we watched a movie called The Pact and it was a really good movie. In the begining it said that EDUCATION could save ur life and i do agree with him because if you have education you have a chance that you mite have a better life.And a other thing i herd froom the video/movie that you shold never give up . Also  dont be afraid to do something  that is really important. And always learn from you mistakes if uyou did something wrong you should no better than not to do it agin.

Friday, January 14, 2011


What i did today is a wrote a letter to AISD why they don't need to close down some schools. Yesterday i started my planing our game.And my first day in here we were planing what is our sound gonna be. and also yesterday we did our paper prototyping.