Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stand and Deliver

Today we finished watching a movie called stand and deliver and it is about this school called Garfield High School was doing really bad and this teacher came and taught them calculus. They took a test and they taught they all cheated and so they all wanted to take the test again and Jamie Escalante they teacher was saying that they did not cheat and he proved that they did not cheat and they all passed.
This movie means to me that always try your best don't let nobody tell you what you cant do and you need to prove them wrong. The movie is based on a true story. He made learning fun to them and maybe thats why they passed the test.

This is the teacher

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Big Test

TAKS testing is next week! How do you feel about the TAKS test? Are you excited? Are you nervous? Are you going to do something special when TAKS is over? I feel nervous about the TAKS test and also feel confident because i now that i am smart and i am going to pass it . I am not exited because it is a really STUPID test because some kids don't even pass it and what is the point of it. No i am not going to do something spacial  because it is just a test .

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

iPads for kids

What is your opinion of students using technology like the iPad in their classroom? What are some advantages of this type of technology? What are some of the disadvantages?                            
My opinion of the students in Stonewall Elementry is that if they are really learning something they shoould keeping them or scince the ipads came to there school improved and the students improved there grades the should keep using them. Some advantages  are that they are learning something a disadvantage is they mite get on something unappropiate or one of the kids mite brake one or a new student comes they are not going to have one.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Game Demo Progress

I have finished the instructions and the good luck page this week i have already upload it to our teams page. Yes i learned something new about flash i learned how the player can type there name.I hope i will learn something new today.I am proud of my self about what i have accomplished this week we are almost finished drawing our game maybe next week i don't now.No I have not made any accomplishment in GLOBALORIA this week. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Answer the following questions about your game in complete sentences

  • Our game title is Don't Give Up.
  • The names that created the game is Monica and Barbie.
  • The game is design for Elementary kids between 3-5th grade and Middle scholars.
  • The players will see bad things moving and there little players moving [they can control there self.] The goal is to pass each level and to learn why you should not drop out.
  • To not drop out of school.
  • It will make the game fun because it is really challenging and its has really cool graphics.
  • Our game teches to not drop out of school and you can learn from it what your life mite be if you drop out of school.
  • They are like cartoons and they are bright colors.
  • it makes it uniqe because  it has diffrent drawings.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Playing Games to Get Ideas

1.Does the game have a way to keep the score? Does it have a timer? Are there some intresting sound effects or other effects? Are there platforms that and scrolling background?
Yes there is a way to keep score in all the games I played,In rotate and roll there is no timer also in Ballon tower Defence 3 there is no timer,in primate pile up there is a timing at the end, in boombot there is no timer in Gluey there is no timer,in parking mania there is a timer.
2.How did the game developers do it?
In primate pile up you need to drag and drop.
In rotate and roll you use the arrows in the keyboard.
In ballon tower defence 3 you use the mouse and to click on the items to pop the ballons.
In boombot you need to

Friday, April 8, 2011

Game Progress Reflection

Did you learn how to do something in flash?
Yes, i did i learnd how to do a botton i thought it was heard and it is really easy.
Did you create a really cool drawing?
Not really because i was not really drawing i was like instructions and stuf like that.
Where you able to help someone else out onntheir game?
No because i had a bunch  to do help.
What was your biggest challenge you haved faced while working on your game this week?
the challeged was making the buttons
How do you feel about  what have you done?
I feel really good
Are proud of what you have acomplished or frusteraded because of something you have not figured out yet?
 Fusteraeded because i really dont now alot and i look at the touturials and it still dosent work

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Visit From the President

Dear President Obama,
I have heard about the visit about the school in Massachusetts,we have class called GLOBALORIA. Its a class that you use technology its a really cool class,right now we are doing our own game. We are doing a game but everybody has there own team and each team decided what there game is going to be about me and my teammate Monica our game is to prevent people to drop out of school.I think you should go to our school which is East College Prep Academy.We are really intelligent at this school we are respectful and we only have 6th and 7th grade . I hope you come top our school.
                                                             Barbie Reyes

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blooging about Blogging

I would say please let us have blogger it will help us by getting better at grammar.It is good for young students cause it lets them improve their typing skills and etc.Another reson its good for students because it helpes them get familiar with technology .Some disadvantages they could put inappropriate stuff or what they did at home etc. Another disadvantage is that they mite get on it at home and thre parents did not whant them to have one.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Blind Side

The last 2 days we saw a movie called ''The Blind Side." It was a really good movie in some parts it was sad. It was about a boy named Micheal he got seperated by his mom when he was 7 yrs. old.He was really poor then Leigh Ann Tuohy saw him walking in a cold night and he picked him up and he turnd riched.After that he started to live there and he got inside the school the guy that he was living with him at first.Leigh Ann went to go find his mom and she did,the next day he took him shooping .Later he started to play football. Then he went to the college that the Touhy family went to ''Old Miss." Then he went to the NFL and plays for the Ravens.